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General table of Competitive Matchmaking and Danger Zone skill groups in CS:GO

General table of Competitive Matchmaking and Danger Zone skill groups in CS:GO

The number of Skill Groups in Danger Zone is less than in Competitive matchmaking. Because of that it is hard to determine their correspondence. But if we assume that The Howling Alpha corresponds to Global Elite, then the last 8 skill groups fit each other most accurately. As for the junior ranks, it is not entirely clear how to correctly compare them. My version of the general table looks like this:

Competitive Title Danger Zone Title
1 Silver I Silver I Lab Rat I Lab Rat I
2 Silver II Silver II Lab Rat II Lab Rat II
3 Silver III Silver III  –

4 Silver IV Silver IV Sprinting Hare I Sprinting Hare I
5 Silver Elite Silver Elite Sprinting Hare II Sprinting Hare II
6 Silver Elite Master / Серебро - Великий Магистр Silver Elite Master
7 Gold Nova I (GN1) / Золотая Звезда - I Gold Nova I Wild Scout I / Дикий разведчик I Wild Scout I
8 Gold Nova II (GN2) / Золотая Звезда - II Gold Nova II Wild Scout II / Дикий разведчик II Wild Scout II
9 Gold Nova III (GN3) / Золотая Звезда - III Gold Nova III Wild Scout Elite / Дикий разведчик — Элита Wild Scout Elite
10 Gold Nova Master (GNM/GN4) / Золотая Звезда - Магистр Gold Nova Master
11 Master Guardian I (MG/MG1) / Магистр-Хранитель - I Master Guardian I Hunter Fox I / Лис-охотник I Hunter Fox I
12 Master Guardian II (MG2) / Магистр-Хранитель - II Master Guardian II Hunter Fox II / Лис-охотник II Hunter Fox II
13 Master Guardian Elite (MGE) / Магистр-Хранитель - Элита Master Guardian Elite Hunter Fox III / Лис-охотник III Hunter Fox III
14 Distinguished Master Guardian (DMG) / Заслуженный Магистр-Хранитель Distinguished Master Guardian Hunter Fox Elite / Лис-охотник — Элита Hunter Fox Elite
15 Legendary Eagle (LE) / Легендарный Беркут Legendary Eagle Timber Wolf / Серый волк Timber Wolf
16 Legendary Eagle Master (LEM) / Легендарный Беркут-Магистр Legendary Eagle Master Ember Wolf / Тлеющий волк Ember Wolf
17 Supreme Master First Class / Великий Магистр Высшего Ранга Supreme Master First Class Wildfire Wolf / Пламенный волк Wildfire Wolf
18 Global Elite / Всемирная Элита Global Elite The Howling Alpha / Воющий вожак The Howling Alpha