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CS:GO Danger Zone skill groups

CS:GO Danger Zone skill groups

In CS:GO update from 07/22/2019 a skill groups ranking system has been added to the battle royale mode Danger Zone. The 15 ranks start at «Lab Rat 1» and run up to «The Howling Alpha». The icons all look great, and are visible both in the main menu and during spectation after your match has finished. Here is the table with all rank icons and titles:

Icon Title
1  Lab Rat I Lab Rat I
2 Lab Rat II Lab Rat II
3 Sprinting Hare I Sprinting Hare I
4 Sprinting Hare II Sprinting Hare II
5 Wild Scout I Wild Scout I
6 Wild Scout II Wild Scout II
7 Wild Scout Elite Wild Scout Elite
8 Hunter Fox I Hunter Fox I
9 Hunter Fox II Hunter Fox II
10 Hunter Fox III Hunter Fox III
11 Hunter Fox Elite Hunter Fox Elite
12 Timber Wolf Timber Wolf
13 Ember Wolf Ember Wolf
14 Wildfire Wolf Wildfire Wolf
15 The Howling Alpha The Howling Alpha

Additional icons:

Skill Group expired Skill Group expired
Skill Group hidden Skill Group hidden

What’s your rank in Danger Zone?